Friday, November 26, 2010

~Sabo je la Nuffnang ni...buruk siku tauuu!!...hehe~

Dear Nuffnanger,

Due to a system error, your global CPC earnings for the week of 14th-20th November
were duplicated when the earnings were credited yesterday (25th November).
You are receiving this email because your account was affected.

We have made the necessary adjustments to our system and you may find that your displayed
earnings will be slightly different from the 25th of November due to this.

We apologize for this error and any inconvenience caused to you. Thank you for bearing with

Nuffnang - Asia Pacific's First Blog Advertising Community.

P/S: patutla amount dalam acc nuffnang berkurang...tak baek tauu...buruk siku nanti...haaa


Ainismaira said...

adeh..patut la.. saye pun same bkurang.. banyak lak tu.. T_T

Eda said...

hehe...sabo je la ek..=)

Nasriq said...

ooo...nape kita punya tak tambah2 pung?

Eda said...

Nas: itu maknanya kamu tak earned ape2 dalam 14- 20th Nov.2010...huhu

Kamu semua akan dijejaki..=)


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