Monday, January 24, 2011

~Its all about life~

When you take it, you don't even give it back..
When you have it, you don't even know what its all about..
When you see it, your beautiful eyes becomes blind with the shining..
When you trow it, you forget the value in it..
When you say it, you should know what you are talking about..

Its all about life..
Life will be so complicated when you complicate it..
But, don't take it easy when you touch people's feeling..

With the hurt that you left,
with the tears that fell down,
with the night without moon,
anythings become dark...


Nasriq said...

compliated nye...

Eda said...


norh said...

lets us be happy to enjoy life.. :)

Eda said...

norh: happy ever..=)

Lizzie Yasmin said...

smile.. may be can help..

Eda said...

Lizzie Yasmin: keep on smiling la ni...=)

Kamu semua akan dijejaki..=)


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