Sunday, December 26, 2010

~She's always believe you~

She always believing you no matter what you said.
Although u lie to her or not.
She always trust you
and never say no on what you want to do for your own good.

Love is blind but u will find through heart
when u meet somebody accepted you as you are not who you are.

Google pic.


jinkamen said...

pagi yang cerah

aNnE said...

i believe i can fly..hehe

Eda said...

jinkamen: adik bradik kamen rider ek...hihi..dah malam dah..

aNnE: Fly-fly away from here...up to the sky..=)

azman JINKAMEN said...

salam...malam yang gelap
malaysia 3-0

Eda said...

azman JINKAMEN: yeay! Malaysia BOLEH!!

Kamu semua akan dijejaki..=)


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